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Your entire business eventually revolves around Sales – the revenue generating function. To ensure that your business is a profitable one, and it stays that way, there is utmost emphasis on tweaking the Sales function to as close to perfection as possible. And this is exactly what FieldSense does – it optimizes your day-to-day field force operations making them more accountable and efficient. FieldSense lets your field force perform all their routine operations and more while on the field – along with built-in location-validation of their field activities. With FieldSense, your field force can:

  • punch-in to work right when they get on the go – and head directly for their calls;
  • plan their meeting schedule more effectively with constant geo-inputs – including maps and directions;
  • use the in-built Instant Messenger to communicate with team-mates – all conversations get saved along with the relevant customer records for easy future reference;
  • Have access to the latest client-updates from your CRM to stay on top of developments;
  • and a lot more functionality in the pipeline…

FieldSense lets your field-force spend their time productively on the field – and puts the office and administrative work on their smartphones, and in their pockets!

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It always pays to make your communication personal and to treat your customer as a unique individual. MailDirect is the perfect email marketing solution for your organization. MailDirect provides:

  • Highly personalised email communication with your customers.
  • User-friendly web interface.
  • Upload and broadcast communication in HTML or Text form.
  • Test your campaigns before you send them.
  • Automatic bounce management for blocking invalid email addresses.
  • Track your campaign through Click-through Analysis.
  • Real-time monitoring of campaigns.
  • Exhaustive statistical analysis of campaigns.

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From architecture to infrastructure and interface, MailServe provides you with a robust & reliable email hosting platform that treats email as the critical communication channel of your organization. MailServe provides:

  • Extremely high up-time commitment.
  • Cutting edge infrastructure located in the most highly regarded data center.
  • User-friendly, single point web interface.
  • Robust and reliable email hosting platform.
  • Internationally recognized Anti-virus and Anti-spam technologies.*
  • Reliable website hosting with best possible access times.*
  • Efficient and hassle-free registration of Indian & International domain names.*
  • Manage users, access rights and storage of FTP server.*
  • Personalised communication with your customers by SMS.*

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Shared folders + Planner + Workflow + Social-interaction mechanisms = OnBoard If you prefer less jargon, then read on…OnBoard Features:

  • OnBoard is cloud-based, storage & sharing of information – with its convenient permissions-based Document repository.
  • OnBoard lets you keep track of your events & tasks, both for yourself and in groups.
  • OnBoard separates out discussion from action in your meetings – no more wondering ‘when was this discussed’, or ‘who was supposed to be handling this’?
  • OnBoard uses the highly familiar means of real-time interaction among individuals and groups, made ubiquitous by highly popular social-media platforms – so Zero learning curve.

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With BackTrack working on your LAN, you can rest assured that even if the CPU crashes BackTrack will save all your data. BackTrack provides you with:

  • Real-time and reliable back-up of computer files.
  • One time installation and configuration.
  • Central storage repository.
  • Easy recovery using folder structure and file name.
  • Single window administration and monitoring.
  • Scheduled back-up for all users.
  • Back-up only updated or modified files.
  • Scalability as per requirement.
  • Detailed logs at user level.

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iMonit elegantly delivers a single function, one that’s critical for anyone who has to monitor the health of online servers and services – a single window to check on whether your servers and services are up and running from your iPhone, with an interface that even a child can configure. With iMonit you can:

  • Monitor all your servers on a single, convenient mobile screen.
  • Set up monitors for web servers, email servers, database servers and other custom services*.
  • Maintain and view a historical trend of server response times in both list and graph.

The next time you have a niggling doubt about whether the new server you provisioned is up and running – just check with iMonit! Read More

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PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.07 incorporates feature enhancements and bug fixes across the PME Core and PME Mail modules – ensuring faster email processing and improved overall Internet productivity.
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