Looking at taking PostMaster out for a test drive for the first time? Or would you like to explore how you could extend your PostMaster version to deliver even more? Either way, we’ve tried to organize content in this area so as to help you accomplish your objective with the minimum of fuss and botheration. You can access demo versions of all our products and their add-on modules, ask for a personalized evaluation copy, or access a wealth of literature in our Downloads area.

Free Demo Software

We encourage you to not believe anything that we say about our products! And that’s why, from our inception, we’ve always made a full-featured, non-expiring 4-user version of PostMaster Express and PostMaster Enterprise available for your use. That’s right, full-feature AND non-expiry, so if your requirement is for 3-users, then you could use this in perpetuity. (One ID is locked for administrator, and this cannot be changed). Find out what makes PostMaster the preferred email solution for over 6000 customers.

(If you’re based in India and have difficulty in downloading any of our demo software, please drop us a line at and we will ship you a CD at no cost to you).

Personalized Evaluation

If you’re not convinced that our demo software will meet your load requirements, we will be happy to provide you with a 30-day trial of PostMaster Express and PostMaster Enterprise for any of our CAL slabs. (Please refer to the PostMaster Express and PostMaster Enterprise pricing for information on our CAL slabs). Please take a minute to complete our Evaluation Request form, and you will receive your personalized license shortly.

Note: You may want to download the demo-version of the product that you’re interested in right away; the additional CAL’s will be unlocked when you insert the personalized license that will be sent to you separately.

Existing Customers

Check out the latest versions of the core systems and their add-on modules to make sure that you’re achieving the maximum productivity that an email server solution can provide. Find out about our upgrade protection and support plans. In short, make the most of your investment in PostMaster! Find out how you can enhance your installation even further!


Whether you’re trying to decide on a new mail server system or are our existing customer seeking to extend the functionality of your email system, we have a wealth of information on how you can ensure that you have a robust, scalable and productive email solution working for you. Product guides, comparisons, case-studies, new release information, and more, the Literature section is a storehouse of what you need.

What’s New

PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.07 incorporates feature enhancements and bug fixes across the PME Core and PME Mail modules – ensuring faster email processing and improved overall Internet productivity.
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