PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8 is a versatile, robust and highly scalable solution that addresses all the email-related requirements of mid-sized and large organizations.

PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8 delivers:

  • A powerful and intuitive user interface for administrators as well as end-users.
  • A web-mail interface for end users that will tempt them to migrate away from desktop email clients.
  • Peace of mind for administrators through its self-diagnostic Health Check with daily reports and warning messages.
  • Perimeter screening of malicious and objectionable email through tightly coupled antivirus and anti-spam modules.
  • A host of features like Bcc Discovery and Mail Screening to prevent information leakage through email.
  • World-class efficiency in email processing and throughputs.
  • A mechanism for users of legacy feature-phones to receive email as SMS when they’re on the move.
  • Single-point management of users across locations, through the Advanced User Management module.
  • Collaboration mechanisms for your users like Workflow Management, QuickMsg Service and Forums, with support for multiple locations.
  • A tightly integrated email archiving module with intelligent storage and powerful search and restore.
  • And much more! PostMaster is the email platform of choice of over 8,000 organizations across India and the Far East for its combination of powerful functionality with remarkable ease of use. PostMaster Enterprise ver.8 features a completely revamped interface to make it even more user-friendly for administrators and end users.

PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8 Benefits

  • A high reliability system that can handle from 6 to 6,000 users.
  • A range of features that will ensure that email is productive and effective.
  • Tightly coupled add-on modules that provide extended functionality.
  • A network of over 750 channel-partners across 50+ locations in India and the Far East.
  • High peace-of-mind for administrators with its self-diagnostic health-checks and reports.
  • A support system that is the envy of competition.

PostMaster Enterprise Add-on Modules

Apart from the core PME Mail, PostMaster Enterprise has following add-on modules:

  • Antivirus – perimeter screening of malicious and objectionable content.
  • Anti-spam – powerful anti-spam screening with a heuristic engine.
  • Web – single-point internet sharing with powerful filtering and screening capability.
  • Calendar – personal and group calendars to schedule events and tasks.
  • Server Expansion – seamless handling of multiple Internet domains.
  • Archiving – tightly integrated email archiving.
  • MIS – monitor and analyze email and Internet usage.
  • Workflow – efficiently manage routine structured interactions.
  • MailBridge – transparently couple PostMaster with other legacy mailing systems, like Lotus Note.
  • Mailing List – ability to send personalized mails(with most of content same) to a list of recipients.

These modules are tightly integrated with PostMaster Enterprise and thus function as a single interface to further enhance the productivity of your organization’s email and Internet usage.

Designed to deliver Peace of Mind!

The essence of PostMaster Enterprise is the ease with which it can be molded to your business requirements. The 250+ well-designed features enable efficient email management. And backed by an excellent support system through qualified channel partners across over 50-locations and our own points of presence in 8-cities in India.

Evaluate PostMaster Enterprise

Ask for a full-feature evaluation license and take a test drive. Or download a 3-user evaluation copy from our website www.qlc.in Or drop us a line at info@qlc.in and we can arrange a demo, with no obligation whatsoever.

What’s New

PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.07 incorporates feature enhancements and bug fixes across the PME Core and PME Mail modules – ensuring faster email processing and improved overall Internet productivity.
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