Features & Benefits

Following are PostMaster features and benefits – for the Admin, the User and the Organization:

  • Administrator
  • User
  • Organization

Activity, Status & Health Monitoring

  • Web/Browser Based Administration
  • Console View for Services, Spool & MailTransfer Info
  • Real Time Monitor for Activity Tracking
  • Console View & Real Time Monitor Also Available via Browser
  • Free Space Monitoring
  • Self Diagnostics and Alerts for Failed Services
  • Context Sensitive Help

Services Management

  • Popular Email Services viz SMTP Server, POP3 Server, IMAP Server
  • Popular Proxy Services viz HTTP Proxy, FTP Proxy, SOCKS Proxy
  • Support Services Inbuilt viz HTTP Server, FTP Server, LDAP Server
  • All Servers are SSL Enabled For Enhanced Security

Admin Automation Management

  • Scheduled Configuration Backups
  • Scheduled Definition File Downloads
  • Log Rotation
  • Rule Control
  • Users Cross Reference
  • Utilization Report
  • Free Space Checks

Mail Delivery Management

  • Mail Upload via SMTP Relay Server
  • Mail Upload via Secondary SMTP Relay Server
  • Direct Delivery
  • Mail Download From Unlimited POP3 Accounts
  • Simultaneous Send-Receive (multi threaded)
  • Upload/Download Using Simultaneous Clients
  • Mail Transfer Option - Perpetual/Scheduled/Manual
  • Download Authentication Supported
  • Login-Password
  • POP Before SMTP
  • Domain Based Authentication
  • PostMaster To PostMaster Delivery Notifications


  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Device based Authentication
  • Network based Authentication
  • IP based Authentications
  • Sender Authentication
  • SSL Enabled Servers/Clients
  • Archiving – Mail Account Based
  • Archiving – File Based
  • Archiving – Flexi-Archiving
  • SMTP Sender Filtering - Global/Group/User
  • SMTP Recipient Filtering - Global/Group/User
  • POP3 Sender Filtering - Global/Group/User
  • RealTime Black-Lists
  • Access Control Lists For Each Service
  • Password Policy
  • Mail Moderation
  • Web Definition Filtering

AntiVirus Management

  • Multiple Scan Options (Internal Mail, Incoming Mail, Outgoing Mail)
  • Multiple Detection Actions (Clean, Delete & Quarantine)
  • Alerts Through E-mail
  • Attachment Control - Global/Common List
  • Attachment Control – Separate Lists for Internal Incoming & Outgoing Mail
  • Attachment Control - Within Zip Files
  • Auto Download of Virus Definition Files

AntiSpam Management

  • Download Filters
  • Global & User Level Black List/White List Filtering
  • Bad URL & Bad Sender Checking
  • Spam Detection Using Baysian Filtering
  • Learning/Reclassification
  • Spam Mail History
  • Daily Spam Mail Report
  • White List Restriction
  • Auto Download of Spam Definition Files

Effective Utilization Of Email Facility

  • SMTP Compliant E-mail Client Support
  • POP3 Compliant E-mail Client Support
  • IMAP Compliant E-mail Client Support
  • WebMail With HTML View
  • Web Mail With HTML Compose
  • Web Mail With Personal Settings
  • User Based Default Settings For Compose
  • Single Sign-on for Mail, Web & Calendar
  • Multiple Logins From Same Machine
  • Mobile/Travelling Users
  • Quick Messaging

Effective Utilization Of Internet Facility

  • Supports All Major Protocols
  • Caching For HTTP Proxy
  • User Based Authentication
  • Alternative Authentication Mechanisms
  • Protocol Controls – Global/Group/User Level
  • Site Filtering – Global/Group/User Level
  • File Filtering – Global/Group/User Level

Effective Utilization Of Calendar & Scheduler

  • Multiple Views - Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  • Support For User Defined Tasks
  • Support For User Defined Events
  • Schedule Conferences/Meetings
  • Collaborate With Others – Extend Invites
  • Collaborate With Inviters – Accept/Reject
  • Collaborate With Others – Check FreeBusy
  • Collaborate With Others – View Cals
  • Seamless Integration With Ms-Outlook
  • Personal Settings for Tasks & Events

User Empowerment (If So Enabled By Admin)

  • Choose The Default Email Address
  • Set The Reply-To Email Address
  • Access Local Address Book
  • Access Global Address Book
  • Manage Own Address Book
  • Set/Change Forwarding For Incoming Mails
  • Set/Change Forwarding For Outgoing Mails
  • Set Their Own Robot Rules
  • Set/Change Own Mobile User Status
  • Set/Change Own POP3 Account Settings
  • Set/Change Own AntiSpam Based Settings

Robust Email Architecture

  • Investment Protection
  • Platform Independence
  • Tech Support Available
  • Internet Connectivity - Multiple Platforms
  • Open Standards Protocol
  • Gateway Integration

Domain Integrity & Management

  • Unlimited Domain Support
  • Domain Level Signatures
  • Domain-based Catch-All Account
  • Completely Flexible User-Domain Mapping

Bandwidth Management

  • Upload Size Restrictions For Outgoing Mails
  • Schedule Uploading Of Large Size Mails
  • Download Size Restrictions - Global
  • Download Size Restrictions - Per Account
  • Schedule Downloading Of Large Size Mails
  • User Wise Max Mail Size For Outgoing Mail
  • User Wise Max Mail Size For Incoming Mail

Account Management

  • Group Settings
  • User Level Control - Send/Receive Mails
  • User Level Control - Mobile User
  • User Level Control - Robot Rights
  • User Level Control - WebMail Access
  • User Level Control - IMAP Access
  • User Level Control - Date/Time Restricted Account
  • Alias Accounts
  • All-Users Alias Accounts
  • Sender Restricted Alias Accounts

Mail Automation Management

  • Smart Auto Responders
  • Forwarding Rules For Incoming Mails
  • Delete Local Copy After Forwarding
  • Forwarding Rules For Outgoing Mails
  • Robot Service
  • Robot Service With Content Scanning
  • Mail Moderation
  • Workflow Management [Module]


  • Incoming/Outgoing Mail Reports
  • Email MIS [Module]
  • Web MIS [Module]

What’s New

PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.07 incorporates feature enhancements and bug fixes across the PME Core and PME Mail modules – ensuring faster email processing and improved overall Internet productivity.
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