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To understand the capabilities of PostMaster Enterprise, think of it as a set of building blocks – a construction kit.

The foundation, or think of it as the frame – consists of the PostMaster Enterprise email server itself, which comes with a set of pre-configured functionality – Web mail, powerful user-management, rules-based email filtering, to name a tiny part of what the frame itself is capable of. The different aspects of the platform allow for setting up, monitoring and refining of all processes that relate to how you communicate, through the Internet – internal and external. For the most part, the capabilities of the foundation layer, i.e. PostMaster Enterprise will deliver productive, organizational email.

To further extend the capability of PostMaster Enterprise, in a flexible and customizable manner, we’ve developed Modules – construction blocks, each of which performs a specialized function in enhancing the productivity of your organizations email architecture.

From handling malicious and objectionable content, to shared company-wide calendars, PostMaster Enterprise has a rich and growing set of Modules, to help you customize your email system to serve your organization’s communications policy.

The PostMaster Enterprise framework allows you to develop a unique communications platform for yourself – one that serves you and your purpose best. Because you’ve fabricated it!

Modules for PostMaster Enterprise:

MIS Module

Analyses email data – private and business emails, sent or received. It also provides reports on URLs accessed, files downloaded through email on the corporate network and much more. Allowing you to take informed decisions on restricting and regulating email usage. The MIS-Module for PostMaster Enterprise helps you to make your company email more productive.

Web-Proxy Module

Allows you to implement selective Internet access/sharing – so that you can be more confident that your Internet bandwidth is being used for approved organizational purposes.

Calendar Module

Seamlessly integrate custom scheduling and planning of tasks, meetings and events within your corporate network. Collaboration has never been easier.

AntiVirus Module

A gateway level Anti-virus and anti-malware module that scans and contains malicious and objectionable content right at the network perimeter. with the added benefit of attachment control, system security will never be a hassle again.

AntiSpam Module

With white & blacklists for brute force, and smart filtering to provide you very high levels of spam extermination, this Anti-spam module also allows you to set specific rules to tag spam at both, user and global levels. It also incorporates smart learning for more efficient, custom spam filtering; reclaim your inbox now!

MailBridge Module

The MailBridge Module enables you to seamlessly integrate PostMaster Enterprise into working with other email systems (like Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes) to achieve a cost-effective email solution.


The Server Expansion, or Domain Expansion Module allows a single installation of PostMaster Enterprise to handle multiple domains for you, with users spanning these domains, and personalized email footers that are valid at the domain level.

Workflow Management

Automate non-core areas like form-filling and information exchange in an organized, systematic and productive manner. Workflow allows you to create numerous customized documents and facilitates sharing, approval and/ or rejection of such essential but cumbersome documents.

Archiving Module

An efficient, completely scalable mail archiving system that does more than just storing mails in a central repository. With this module you can inject specific mails back into the system, re-create mailboxes on system crash or even automate the archiving on a monthly/yearly basis.

MailList Module

Sending out mass emailers or ‘what’s new’ e-brochures to your clients? Create mailing lists and send customized mails to the entire list: greet them individually, add tailor-made content while keeping the base same with MailList.

Interested in testing out any of the these? Please get in touch with any of our offices, or drop us a line at and we will revert with a trial license.

What’s New

PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.07 incorporates feature enhancements and bug fixes across the PME Core and PME Mail modules – ensuring faster email processing and improved overall Internet productivity.
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