PostMaster Express Mail AntiSpam (PMX-Mail-AS) runs on your PostMaster Express machine and is integrated tightly with PMX-Mail and the entire PostMaster suite of products. Hence PMX-Mail-AS delivers optimum efficiency in screening mails.

Integration of the spam-detection methodologies in the proper sequence has resulted in a robust and highly efficient Anti-spam solution that boasts scores among the best in the industry and the world today. Making for the most compelling value for PostMaster customers.

Exceptional Integration

The Spam-scanning engine is built into PostMaster, thus enabling good performance.

Smart Filtering

Scan emails based on customized rules. Set filters at the global/user/group level.

Spam Detection

Words in each message are compared with those in the AntiSpam engine database, i.e. SpamDefs. The AntiSpam engine database is constantly updated with this information which is then used for spam detection.

Download Filters

The Download Filter settings feature can be applied to messages that are definitely spam. While downloading email via POP3, messages that match any of the download filters are ignored, saving your Internet bandwidth.

White List

Automatically add email addresses of recipients, from the To and Cc list of a message, to the address book. Messages received from these addresses can be optionally treated as non-spam.

PMX ver. 7 - Mail-AntiSpam

What’s New

PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.07 incorporates feature enhancements and bug fixes across the PME Core and PME Mail modules – ensuring faster email processing and improved overall Internet productivity.
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