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PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.03 is loaded with an arrary of new features for both users and administrators. For instance:

  • You can solve the issue of information leakage in corporate mail.
  • You can now set date-based auto response for received mails.
  • Administrators can now perform maintenance tasks without going over to your server. You can also easily fix errors without opening system logs by using a monitoring and diagnostic tool.
  • User can compose rich HTML email in the WebMail interface.

Intrigued? Well read on – these are just a few of the innovations that we have in store for you! We hope that you will be just as delighted to use these great features, as we are to offer it to you!

1. Enhanced Robo Rules with AND/OR conditions.

Is creating multiple mail moderation rules bothering you? As an Admin you must’ve often come across situations where every time you’re done creating a rule, there’s a new permutation and combination that needs creating a separate rule, and then check its integrity with the other rules in place.

Fret no more – PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.03 enables you to create Robo rules using ‘And’ as well as ‘Or’ conditions.


2. Customization of both internal and external alerts.

Internal and external system alerts play a critical role in keeping abreast of what’s happening with your email infrastructure. But many a times standard, stereotype alert messages cause users to ignore them just because almost all alerts read the same, apart from the actual service being affected.

Did you know that the new PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.03 allows customization of all such alerts? What this means is that now you can create different alerts that express the right magnitude of an impending problem.


3. Manual/Scheduled Health Check of Spools with Warning Mails and Daily Error Report.

Do you often experience clogged email because of overloaded spools? And every time this happens do you wish your email system would’ve been able to send you alerts in advance?

PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.03 provides advanced Self diagnostics which enable the Admin to send alerts (both manual and scheduled) on basis of the number of mails held in different spools.


4. Disable user login and/or mail delivery.

An employee has decided on leaving your organization. There are chances that he might return. Deleting his entire mailbox would only mean restoring it when he returned. This is one of the situations where you’d want to retain the mailbox but deny access to all future email.

You’ll be glad to know that PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.03 enables you to keep an existing mailbox intact, but deny login and access to all new email.


5. Define limits for outgoing mails at individual user level.

You might have reduced Spam to your corporate inboxes, but do you know that unproductive ‘Just for Laughs’ email floating around your organization also account for drop in productivity? Not to mention the added email costs. Have you wondered on how could you minimize this loss of productivity and money?

Did you know that with the new PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.03, you can limit a user’s outgoing mails by capping the mails being sent per minute/hour/day?


6. Define domain based routing for Gateways.

Are you an organization that needs lightning-fast email delivery? So much that even the standard 2-5 minutes delay caused in SMTP Relay has serious implications on your business?

With PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.03 mails can be directly delivered to the desired IP address, eliminating the intermittent delays caused by SMTP relay, and hence, providing faster email delivery.


7. Repositioning signature components like Banner, Logo & Company Address etc.

Do you wish to modify your email signature layout and avoid being another stereotype?

PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.03 provides a simple dragging facility that enables you to suit your email signature to your liking.


8. Facility to change password on next login

Email security cannot be emphasized enough. And hence you’ve devised a painstakingly detailed security policy that emphasizes on updating passwords on a regular basis, beginning with the first login. The only problem is… your users aren’t adhering to it. Have you found yourself wondering how to really enforce this policy?

Did you know that the new PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.03 makes enforcing password reset post first login mandatory by merely selecting a checkbox?


9. Same window login

Do you get annoyed when a new window pops up every time you wish to login to your Web Mail? Did you wish that you could login in the very same window without having to toggle across multiple windows?

With PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.03 you can now login in the very same window.


10. Download/attach multiple files at once

Is it annoyingly time consuming to download/attach each file one-at-a-time? Wouldn’t you rather want to be able to download/attach multiple files in a single go?

Did you know PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.03 allows you to do this with a single click?


11. Provision of Priority Inbox in mailbox

Typically, most users are part of two or more groups. Assuming that you’re such a user:

  • Do you get lost amongst the clutter of plain ‘FYI’ mails?
  • Is it difficult to spot mails specifically marked to you?
  • Do you want an Inbox where mails marked to you are visually separated from the rest?

The Priority mailbox from PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.03 does just that.


12. Enhanced Search

Have you always wished for a search mechanism that helps you search email within your Inbox on the basis of:

  • From
  • To
  • Subject
  • Date range
  • In-mail attachment

Did you know that PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.03 just granted you this wish?


13. Forwarding multiple messages as attachments simultaneously

Have you ever faced a problem while forwarding multiple mails as an attachment within a single email – particularly while summarizing activities relating to a single issue? Did you find it tedious to forward each one of them separately, or at the best, save each one of them as HTML or EML files and then attach?

How would you feel to know that PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.03 allows you to forward multiple mails as an attachment to a single mail by simple selecting the checkboxes alongside them?


14. Add photos in Personal & Global address books

It always pays to put a face to a name – especially when it’s about your colleagues and peers. Wouldn’t you want to be familiar with them while you discuss quarterly plans/reviews, follow up on a hot lead or simply delegate regional activities? And also avoid the possibility of having to start all over again when you meet them for your first business meeting.

The new PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.03 enables users to add their picture in the Personal and Global address books, helping them establish deeper relationships with their peers.


15. Create and share multiple calendars

Do you manage multiple projects spanning different functional groups? If so, do you feel the need for maintaining separate calendars to share with respective groups in order to ensure systematic execution of your plans? Have you found it difficult to manage all of these within a single calendar?

Did you know that PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.03 has the facility to create and share multiple web calendars – ensuring that all your projects are in perfect tandem?


16. Moderate access to external websites.

So you want to improve your organization’s productivity by eliminating unproductive Internet surfing? But at the same time you don’t want to come across as a tyrant who doesn’t allow them any room for fun and recreation? Have you been at loggerheads trying to resolve this status quo?

Did you know that PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.03 enables you to provide time-based access to specific websites?


17. Enhanced Web Mail experience.

In addition to the above mentioned enhancements, PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.03 also incorporates an overall improved Web Mail experience through features such as Auto-refresh and New Mail Notification.


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What’s New

PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.07 incorporates feature enhancements and bug fixes across the PME Core and PME Mail modules – ensuring faster email processing and improved overall Internet productivity.
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