Moderate access to external websites

So you want to improve your organization’s productivity by eliminating unproductive Internet surfing? But at the same time you don’t want to come across as a tyrant who doesn’t allow them any room for fun and recreation? Have you been at loggerheads trying to resolve this status quo? Did you know that PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.03 enables you to provide time-based access to specific websites?

Power Feature – PostMaster Enterprise

As a business owner, you know the implications of allowing people access to the Internet on the overall productivity, but do you really want to take away this small perk and make them feel as if they’ve been robbed of their freedom? It’s what takes you from a business leader to a tyrant, and we’re sure you wouldn’t want that. PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.03 enables you to grant access to certain websites at specific time periods. This ensures that the users do not waste their time on unproductive surfing, and at the same time allows them to surf the net within the specified time frames. To do this:

  • Login as Admin
  • Select the PME Web tab
  • Navigate to PME Web > Security > URL Filters
  • Under Duration – select Time-based and configure the rest

Moderate access to external websites

What’s New

PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.07 incorporates feature enhancements and bug fixes across the PME Core and PME Mail modules – ensuring faster email processing and improved overall Internet productivity.
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