Same window login

Do you get annoyed when a new window pops up every time you wish to login to your Web Mail? Did you wish that you could login in the very same window without having to toggle across multiple windows? With PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.03 you can now login in the very same window.

Power Feature – PostMaster Enterprise

Are too many users complaining about the multiple windows that pop-up when they try to log in? And you, the Administrator, wonder if it is really that significant an issue that so many are complaining about the same thing? With PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.03 you don’t need to worry about those finicky complaints anymore. All you need to do is simply modify the ‘login_samewindow’ field in the ‘PMSwitches.prp’ file. To do this:

  • Shutdown PostMaster
  • Locate the PMSwitches.prp file by navigating to QLC/PMEv8/Conf/PMSwitches.prp
  • Open the PMSwitches.prp file using the edit mode
  • Set value for login_samewindow=true (by default the value will be ‘false’, change it)
  • Save and restart PostMaster

Same window login

What’s New

PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.07 incorporates feature enhancements and bug fixes across the PME Core and PME Mail modules – ensuring faster email processing and improved overall Internet productivity.
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