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PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.07

The PME webmail is enhanced to make it a more responsive interface. It now supports multiple compose windows which can be resized, minimize, restored and maximized. Also emails can be opened in new tabs or new windows, which will help in viewing multiple mails simultaneously.

The enhanced interface also makes it much more convenient to use other webmail features, e.g. using antispam, address-book, spools & public folders, updating personal info Robot rules have become easier to use. And apart from the convenience, the new webmail interface is lighter and faster than before.

PME v. 8.07 Release Notes

PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.06

The new and improved PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.06 boasts of enhancements to the PME Mail, Web, AntiVirus and Core modules. These enhancements enable the Admin to auto-delete confirmed SPAM, search domain-wise users, view rights of all users, determining virus detection patterns and take necessary pre-emptive measures, removal and backup of unused QSM folder, and do much more – ensuring improved email processing through the PostMaster Enterprise server.

PME v. 8.06 Release Notes

PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.05

The all new PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.05 encompasses enhancements to PME Core module including a simplified process for license replacement, which reduces the inherent hassles of manually replacing the license to a just a few clicks.

PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.05 also incorporates feature enhancements and bug fixes across the PME Core and PME Mail modules – ensuring faster email processing and improved overall Internet productivity.

PME v. 8.05 Release Notes

PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8

PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8 is the latest evolution of India’s best- selling email communications platform. In addition to a completely redesigned user-interface, PME v. 8 also has a number of new features that extend its functionality even more – to deliver your organisation with productive email, and complete peace of mind to you.

PME v. 8 whats-new

Web mail

PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8 features a spanking new Web mail interface, that’s going to delight your end-users. Making it even easier for you to migrate them away from desktop email clients in case you were considering this for the obvious security benefits.

The Web mail interface also incorporates the following enhanced functionality:

Priority Inbox

This functionality allows your users to have ‘important’ messages displayed distinctly and separately from the rest

of their email, with an easy-to-use mechanism of teaching the system what’s important to them. For example, classifying a particular sender as important would ensure that messages from that sender would show up in the Priority Inbox, and thus stand out from the rest of the Inbox contents.

Handle Calendar Invitations

Manage calendar invitations seamlessly from within Web mail, regardless of which client was used to send the invite. And when you accept the invitation, the meeting is now automatically published to your Calendar in PME v.8.

Note: The user must have the Calendar functionality enabled in PME v.8 for this functionality to work.

Enhanced HTML Editor

Composing messages gets even more easy, with more formatting options, and support for Copy-Paste from Microsoft Word and Excel. So that you can cut down on attachments, and capture the information in the

message body.

Enhanced Search

The Advanced Search mechanism lets you use multiple criteria in and/or combinations for more precise searching across your messages.

Enhanced Action-Bar

Acting on your messages gets even more easy with the new PME Web mail. Now when you select a message, the actions you can perform on the mail – Reply, Reply All, Forward, Forward As Attachment and Delete, appear on the top pane. So just choose your action and get going!

Forward Multiple Messages as Attachment

Business users will have experienced situations where multiple messages, typically in a mail-trail, need to be forwarded out. PME Web mail makes this as simple as point and click – just select all the messages you need to forward, and then send them out as attachments in a single message

Open Messages In Separate Windows

There are situations where you need to refer to multiple messages simultaneously to compose your reply. So PME Web mail now allows you to open multiple messages, each in its own window so that you can access all of them conveniently, even as you compose your reply in a separate compose window.


Core Platform

Some of the most important enhancements in PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8 are those at the core platform level, which by and large would be invisible to end-users, but will delight administrators and support staff.

Automated Cloud Backup of PME Configuration Files

PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8 now comes with a built-in insurance to help you recover from unanticipated hardware failure or system crashes. All the essential configuration data can be backed up into the Cloud, so that if you’re ever faced with a disaster situation of having to restore PME from scratch, your users and other configuration can be accessed from their ‘disaster-proof’ storage, and PME v.8 will be up and going in a few clicks.

Highly Optimized Mail Handling

Some of the most significant improvements in PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8 are in the dramatic improvements in its throughput and efficiency in message handling, which, while being largely invisible, will delight both administrators and end-users.

While the downloading & remote sending of messages always happened in multiple threads, the handling of messages internally has gotten turbo-charged in PME v.8, with multi-threading that can be configured by the administrator. If you have a large user-base, you’re going to really appreciate the boost in delivery speed.

PME v.8 also provides for separate handling of large messages, ensuring that smaller but potentially more important messages do not get held up due to message size. Since the size limit can vary from one organization to another, PME v.8 lets the administrator define the normal size-limit, above which a message would be processed separately.

Enhanced Internal DNS for Improved Direct Delivery

The internal DNS has been tuned up, thus ensuring improved mail-delivery speeds where PME is set to deliver directly, without an SMTP-relay.

All Internal Alerts Can Be Customized

All internal and external alerts generated by PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8 can be rewritten and customised as per your organisation’s requirements. So whether it is to make them more informative by letting people know who to contact, or to incorporate statutory content, you’re in charge.

PME-Robot Can Now Act on Spam Mail

Administrators can now set rules that will act on offending messages before they land into user mailboxes; this can be particularly useful in ensuring that offensive content gets trapped within the system, and is not allowed to impact your server-reputation.

User Level Limits on Outgoing Mail

PostMaster Enterprise ver.8 incorporates more functionality to distinguish between users for whom email is a critical part of their functioning and others; administrators can now set limits on the messages that can be sent out by a user in a day, to minimize casual/personal email. This also serves as a safeguard in the event of an end-user machine being compromised by malware and being used to broadcast spam/junk email.

Given the increasing incidences of security breaches by spammers, this feature in PME v.8 provides an additional level of safety to ensure that your sender IP does not get compromised by a compromised end-user machine – by limiting the number of messages that a particular end-user can send per minute, and blocking outbound messages if this threshold is breached.

Enhanced Mail Handling on Hybrid Networks

If you’re using PostMaster Enterprise along with any other mail-server(s), to make what we call a hybrid network, you’ll be delighted with the improved functionality, efficiency and ease of configuration in routing mail among your users and domains.



Time-Based Access of Specified Sites

The Proxy module now lets you allow time-based access to sites – so for instance, if you want to allow your users to access their personal email, or social networking sites during lunch or after office-hours, you can now do that. After all, a happy end-user is more likely to be a productive employee!

Enhanced Screening of Malicious & Objectionable Web-sites

Malicious and objectionable content continues to be the biggest concern of organizations across the globe, and the Proxy module addresses this by increasing its filter definition categories by almost 200% – from 7 to 20! To ensure that you’re even better protected from issues ranging from sexual-harassment to credit-card fraud!

Restriction Over-ride for Privileged Users

All rules need to allow for exceptions, and so the Proxy module allows you to exclude users from the generally applicable rules; this allows for greater ease and flexibility in creating and maintaining your organisation’s Internet usage policy – you no longer need to provide everyone with access to social networking sites, simply because the Marketing department needs to access them!

What’s New

PostMaster Enterprise ver. 8.07 incorporates feature enhancements and bug fixes across the PME Core and PME Mail modules – ensuring faster email processing and improved overall Internet productivity.
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